Steven told Lori to stay to the right and she would be fine. It sure looks like she is going to stay to the right. No such luck.

Steven and LLG

down by the river, tough to navigate the swamp from the trail, spent about an hour in this football field sized haven, slingin it, testing the bikes, pulling each other out and finally enjoying a cold beer.

                                                          OOOOOPPPSSSS !!

Not a bunch of gear head riders, just people burning off steam. Here Steven clearly did not take the side path (Suzuki 700 4x4) was no match for the depth of the mud.

HillBilly Hilton

first extended stay at Busco.  We even rolled out the "red carpet".

Steven, JB, LLG, JT and my bike

They were getting a little nervous since I was taking my time getting the right shot, not thinking about the weight of the bikes over a 15' drop!

Steven, I think it's dooo-able?

This trip, Steven had his Polaris 350 4x4, and he tried several times to out smart the mud, this wasn't one of them.  Ended up snapping his winch cable trying to get out.


  Below left, Stevens bike needed a little draining after the fight with the water hole.  Bttm right, just a needed break from a great ride, Busco has got it all.